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I was recently listening in on a small group conversation comprised of college age folks including my youngest son Taylor. One of the participants was trying desperately to excuse themselves for a blunder (which affected the entire group) by making the statement………. “Well, it’s the thought that counts.”

 Each was kind in their response and the obviously tense moment passed.

 Shortly thereafter, Taylor and I had a brief discussion about the event and he shared a profound observation. Taylor said…….. “Dad, it’s not the thought that really counts, it’s the action, and they just didn’t take action.”

 Pretty sharp, huh? I was proud of him and it’s great to see when your kids get it.

 Nothing good happens until someone takes ACTION. I hope you can be that someone!……..smiles and have a great week……………..Mark


I’m teaching a 4 day Ninja Selling class this week in Plano, Texas and one of the 3 step principles these folks have learned is that miracles happen when you combine mindset, skillset, and action. It’s simplistic but not simple.



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