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Mark’s Minute – January 7, 2015 – Sig-nif-i-cance

noun \sig-ˈni-fi-kən(t)s\
: the quality of being important : the quality of having notable worth or influence
: the meaning of something

For awhile now, I’ve followed Jon Gordon’s suggestion to choose one word as a yearly theme and daily motivator.

Jon is the author of One Word That Will Change Your Life, The Energy Bus and other notable and award winning books.

Originally, for 2015, I chose the word results to keep me focused on tasks and productive activities.

But then………..the thought came that SIGNIFICANCE would be a more appropriate word.

To me, significance is not defined as being famous, but rather being of value.

Value varies by person, so my priority is to give something that is significant to each of my family members, my friends, and every one of my clients (YOU fit into at least one of these categories).

Value could be defined as time, skill, counsel, advice, or just a lending hand.

On occasion, especially to my kids or grandkids, it might include money.

At the end of many conversations, I often ask the question “What can I do to help you”?

As a young father, I often reminded my children to regularly ask the question “Is there something I can do to help”, with emphasis on actually meaning it.

We can probably all be a little more significant.

I need to work harder and up my game in 2015.

I also hope you know that “if there is something I can do to personally help you”, please just ask.

You deserve all of the joy, happiness, and success you seek this year.

Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking……………..Mark

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