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Are YOU an Indian Giver?

Have you ever wondered about the expression “Indian giver”?

Is an Indian giver a person who:  (1) gives things to Indians (2) gives away Indians, or (3) gives something and then takes it back?

The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines the term as:

Indian giver – noun(sometimes offensive): A person who gives something to another and then takes it back or expects an equivalent in return

If you do a little research, you’ll discover that the negative connotation towards Indian giving in origin was misinterpreted by cultural differences. When an Indian gave something (receiver interpreted as a gift), he was actually offering a trade, and when there was nothing traded in return…… get the picture.

There should actually be no fault here; it was just a difference in Indian culture and tradition.

But today, do we give with the intent of an equal or better trade?  Maybe…..Sometimes……Always?

What is your priority?

I love what Saint Francis of Assisi once shared:

“For it is in giving that I receive”

Enough said………………..smiles and have a great week……………..Mark

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