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Getting Started?

I’m not exactly sure why, but I woke up early this morning as usual (that’s good) and I’m having trouble getting motivated.

I’m not angry with anyone that I can put my finger on?

Although my business and life always need more work, I’m not experiencing any real difficulty that is unmanageable?

My wife, kids, and grandchildren are doing well?

The grass needs cut and it won’t stop raining, but that’s an issue not a problem?

It’s time to pay the monthly bills and that’s frustrating but not life threatening?

I even ran through my morning routine and it hasn’t helped?

Back to bed? Idle my brain with a movie or some Facebook? I don’t think so………..looking………….

I just came across something that my friend, Larry Kendall, said some time ago.

“I don’t need to everything. I just need to do SOMETHING!”

When we’re in a fog, there you go. We just start with SOMETHING and the rest will fall into place.

Off I go. I’m confident that the day will turn out to be a good one……. Hope yours is too! ……….smiles and have a good week………..Mark

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