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Mark’s Minute – Keep YOUR Chin up!

“Keep your chin up, we’re not lost yet”

Meaning – Remain cheerful in a difficult situation.
Origin – This sounds like one of those rousing maxims that were drilled into the young of Victorian England – like “keep a stiff upper lip”.
Perhaps surprisingly, the phrase is American. The first use of it that I can find is from the Pennsylvania newspaper The Evening Democrat, October 1900, under the heading Epigrams Upon the Health-giving Qualities of Mirth:
“Keep your chin up. Don’t take your troubles to bed with you – hang them on a chair with your trousers or drop them in a glass of water with your teeth.” – [they were easily amused in Pennsylvania in 1900].
None the less, keep that chin up. We all have trials sometime!
The sun will come out tomorrow.
You’ve not lost until you give in.
Smoke may get in your eyes, but it’s just a temporary fog.
Just keep swimming. What do we do, we swim.
Hang in there, it WILL get better!
Smiles and Keep on Seeking…………..Mark

keep your chin up

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