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I lost a wonderful friend a week ago. Unexpected. Really unexpected. Tragic, but not an accident.

Tina Daniel was the kind of friend everyone would like to have. Intelligent, giving, warm, encouraging, generous, funny, religious, World Class, and a true teacher. Tina lit up a room when she entered. I’ll miss her.

I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to see her at an event in February. I’m especially glad that we got to tell each other how we felt. No regrets. That’s nice.

Here is what I think Tina would have me share with you.

Enjoy your life. Make the most of it. Tell the people that are special to you that they’re special. Work hard. Focus on good things. Decide what you want and go after it like nothing can stop you!

I hope you’re roping a calf right now Tina. I’ll sure miss your smile!

Smiles to you and have a great week……………..Mark


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  1. Carol Y. Hayashi says:

    Very true. Thank you again!!

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