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clock         In the front parlor of our lovely early 1900’s Victorian home is a wonderful grandfather clock that was given to Gigi and I as a gift nearly two decades ago. I love to admire its craftsmanship and reverently listen to each 15 minute hello. The gentle chime comforts me with a message that whispers………… I am home.

It is my responsibility to regularly wind the clock. If I’m not paying attention, or I allow myself to be self absorbed, or I don’t adhere to the schedule, or I choose to be complacent, that beautiful clock ceases to chime. It stops functioning to its full capacity.

You and I are just like the clock. If we are lazy about setting goals, reading and studying, eating right, exercising, listening, getting proper rest, scheduling time for fun, and focusing on our mission (our “why”),  we will not achieve all we were designed to be.

Choose to perform to your maximum capacity. Wind your clock. Do it every day, every week, and every year. You’ll be happier, you will accomplish more, and you will leave a legacy of your own choosing………. smiles and have a great week…………………Mark

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