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Cleaning Your Oven – A Metaphor


A couple of weeks ago, Gigi left a note on my home office desk………”please help me figure out how to clean the oven”.

Like most people, we don’t have the owner’s manual for the Kenmore range we purchased some 3 or 4 years ago, so I just had to wing it. And I did. I’m good at that sometimes. No YouTube video needed.

The oven got hot, really hot. And it took hours. More than I realized that it would. Then I just had to wipe the residue away. So…………what did I learn?

Life is like that. It takes some heat to clean up our messes. And it can get hot, really hot. It may not be fun, but we learn the most memorable lessons when the heat is on.

I did that recently, I messed something up and it hurt someone. Not physically, and that made it worse.

It wasn’t intentional, just poor judgment on my part. And it caused some heat. Hot, really hot. I had a lot of residue to wipe, and I’m not sure I will ever clean it all up. It’s painful and I’m disappointed in myself.

But then, it’s when the heat is on that we learn the most about ourselves. Can be cool……….really cool.

And the best part is that I’m still learning after all these years and I bet that you are too………………..smiles and have a good week…………Mark

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