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Property 10 Customer Service – 3

Last week I spent a couple of days at the Montage Resort in Deer Valley, Utah. The resort was unbelievable, possibly the nicest I’ve ever stayed and presented at. It’s in a perfect location in the midst of the Wasatch Mountains just above Park City, Utah. The options for comfort and enjoyment are world class. The attention to detail in the hotel and amenities are outstanding. So what’s lacking?

Consistent, exceptional, customer centric service!

My arrival was wonderful, and then it all crumbled to, “I’m not too sure I’ll recommend this place”.

It was painful to witness and experience the lack of attention to simple customer needs.

I could rant, but I won’t. The lesson is simple. Your business will only have long term success when your customers flip the funnel and use it as a megaphone to tell the world a message of WOW! Not, OH MY?

The property is a WOW……….customer service on the other hand……….OHHHHHHH……….MYYYYYYY!

You may have learned in a marketing or customer service program that 5% of consumers are always willing to pay the highest price (you get what you pay for). 15% always pay the lowest (they will inevitably try and negotiate your fee). The remaining 80% make choices based on value.

I’m in the 80%.

I would believe that the Montage expects to serve the 5%. Possibly, their target clients are accustomed to a snooty staff, and nonchalant attitudes, but I seek and appreciate enthusiastic empathetic customer care.

My experience did not meet my normal value standard. And I’m still waiting for them to resolve a simple billing issue. It’s taken almost a week. Sad……………

On a positive note, Deanna and her team at the Utah Association of REALTORS® were fantastic! It would be a pleasure to work with them anytime and they are a big solid 10. Great Job Deanna. Creating customer WOW should be a priority no matter who your customers are (that includes your family). The Montage blew it this time. Maybe it was just a series of bad moments? And there will likely not be a next time!

Smiles and have a great week…………………..Mark

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