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The Performance YOU Give

A couple of weeks ago, while on a teaching trip to California, Gigi and I had the rare privilege of hearing our son Chase sing and play piano again while attending church (his wonderful wife Shelly by our side). It had been a long long time since we had that opportunity to hear his musical talent.

Not that I am biased, but he was terrific. His delivery was moving and beautiful.

Although we beamed, Chase appeared to be a little annoyed that he had not performed to the best of his ability. I doubt anyone noticed but us. We could see it in his body movements.

As he returned to our seats, I quickly scribbled a little note and handed it to my boy (now 30).

I wrote:

The performance you prepared……..

The performance you gave…….

The performance you think you could have given………

AND………..the performance WE (your audience) heard and felt……..

You were AWESOME!!

I think he received it well, and hopefully will continue to give it some thought. We should also.

The human brain is an interesting and miraculous creation. It works for us and against us, our friend and our enemy.

So often, we just aren’t satisfied with our performance. It’s probably a good thing.

Replace the word performance in that little note with the word job, or sales presentation, or conversation, or service, or any number of other appropriate words.

When you prepare, deliver, then evaluate nothing but good can come out of it. More often than not, YOU will also be AWESOME!

Ready, Aim, Fire, Evaluate, Repeat…………………………it just works. We should always make that a PRIORITY!

Smiles and have a great week…………………..Mark


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  1. Carol Y. Hayashi says:

    Smiling! Bravo!! J

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