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Mark’s Minute – Sept 9, 2015 – YOU, When It’s 25 or 26 to 4?

Robert Lamm, of the 1970’s and 1980’s super group Chicago penned the song. Lamm once explained: “I was living with a bunch of hippies up above Sunset Strip. One of the advantages of this particular house was that it was in the Hollywood Hills and I could look out over the city late at night. So, ‘waiting for the break of day, searching for something to say, flashing lights against the sky’ – there was a neon sign across the city. I was looking for a line to finish the chorus and the song came from the fact that it was 25 or 6 to 4 a.m. in the morning when I looked at my watch.”
There are two short lessons here.
1. Last Friday, Gigi took me (along with most of our children and grand children) to a concert of the hugely successful bands Chicago and Earth Wind and Fire. I sang, I cheered, I laughed, I danced, I have to admit that I cried a little, and I reminisced. When you’ve been around for the entire careers of these iconic bands, it’s hard not to take a quick evaluation of the last six decades. The Lesson – It’s never too late to make GREAT music, no matter how YOUR MUSIC is defined. If you’re a plumber, be THE plumber…….if you’re a writer, be THE writer……..if you’re a salesperson, be THE salesperson. You can quote me when I say “Highly successful relationships (and repeat and referral businesses) are built on how you make people feel”. And both bands make me feel GREAT. Just like YOUR customers feel, so I’ll keep coming back for more!
2. What are you really doing at twenty five or twenty six to four and how often do you have superb ideas in the middle of the night? Psychologists from UC San Diego found that REM sleep improves the creative process more than any other state—asleep or awake. And often the solutions to problems come to us when we are sleeping because of a phenomenon cognitive scientists call “pattern recognition.” So, since I’ve already gone beyond that minute you offered me, I suggest you click this link and read the short article on How to Hack Your Creativity While You Sleep.
Go ahead and set some new priorities. You’ve got all kinds of success just waiting for YOU and you deserve all of it.
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking…………….Mark

Chicago Earth Wind and Fire 2015

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