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I’ve been fortunate this past month to have a very busy schedule and it has been fun speaking to all sorts of people and organizations. The travel has kept me on my toes while preparing to cover topics on leadership, sales, relationships, referrals, and happiness.

Some would call my career teaching, and some would call it motivational speaking. I suppose in reality, teaching it is, although I do lean toward wanting to change lives, so that would be motivating.

The point today is what I have been reminded of over and over lately.

When you are teaching, you are sharing ideas, concepts, or systems. And, when you tell a story, people tune in and engage. They learn, and they most always remember.

Stories are interesting. Stories touch emotions. Stories anchor feelings. Stories open minds. Stories plant principles. Stories change lives.

Funny isn’t it, and it applies to all of us. That is just the way we’re wired.

So, next time you are teaching (or motivating), go ahead and tell your well prepared story. Both you and your audience will be glad you did…………..stay in touch and have a great week……………..Mark

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