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Maximizing the 80/20 Principle – Your Vital Few

More than likely, you’ve heard of the Pareto Principle.
For Alfredo Pareto, his 80/20 principle applied to farming and European wealth.
For us, it applies to shoes, carpet, time management, finances, sales, success, happiness, and…………well…… choose.
It’s an important law of success that shouldn’t be ignored.
So…….as it relates to your work, identify and focus on the 20% of your customers that produce 80% of your success.
Here’s how I would suggest you do it:
• Identify your best 20% and work to keep them forever
1. Find out who they are
2. Provide them with outrageously good service
• Give them things they don’t expect
• Give them things they think they don’t deserve
• Surprise them often
3. Never aim specials or special services at new clients ignoring your vital few
4. Do whatever it takes to keep your vital few happy and recommending you.
It sounds simple, but the practice is not simplistic.
And, you’ll have to make an investment in time, planning, and consistency.
Don’t be fooled by thinking that it takes a lot of money.
Your success will come in how you make people feel.
Get to work. You’ll be glad you did…………smiles, have a GREAT week, and Keep on Seeking………Mark
P.S. You’ll find that within the 20% is another 20%………the best of the best. Take extra special care of these VVIP’s (Very Very Important People)


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