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Never forget the way you made them feel!

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They may forget what you said, but they will never forget the way you made them feel!

It’s been my experience that when you get into someones heart, they open up to a new world of possibilities. In fact, it’s great to show how smart we are, but we humans respond better when it just feels right. My friend, Zan Monroe, has said many times that if people could just feel the way about us that our dog feels about us, we’d really find the success we’re searching for. Wag the tail, jump up and down excitement when we but appear! So many books have been written on people making decisions based on the avoidance of pain. Your customers and clients can love you, really love you, and that my friends will bring you the success you’re searching for. Long term, lasting, loyal, committed, happy customers. Oh, just the thought makes me feel all goey!

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