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The Curious VS The Seeker

If you read my message on a regular basis, you’ve noticed that I always close with the simple statement “keep on seeking”.

I have discovered that much of whatever success I have in my life comes from two simple habits related to that point.

1. I listen to my wife Gigi and do what she suggests (she always gives excellent council)

2. I practice continuous SEEKING for ways to improve others lives (which only serves to improve my life)

I’ve also learned that there is a difference between being Curious and Seeking.

The Curious have a desire to understand how something works.

Seekers have an insatiable desire to determine how it can work better.

The Curious are satisfied once they see how something is done.

Seekers won’t rest until they do it better!

Seeking is not about a competition with others, but a competition with themselves to be the best they can be. It’s about creating their legacy!

So………….be a Seeker……….consider making it a priority………smiles, have a great week, and keep on seeking……………Mark

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