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One Secret to Your Happiness

I’ve come to the realization that we live very comfortable lives.
In all the travels I’ve done lately, it’s obvious that the comfort level most people experience in the U.S. just screams excess and abundance.
I understand that you may not have everything you want, but I’d wager that you nearly always have all that you actually need.
Don’t misunderstand me. You deserve all the comfort you’ve earned.
It’s just that we’ve been trained to expect more. Sometimes the word might be better.
Better house, better car, better meals, better vacations, better opportunities……..always better.
No matter how much we have, we still want more. Am I right?
So………I guess I’ve reached a point that that leads to focus on a simple lesson.
One “secret to happiness” would be to lower our expectations.
If we took more time considering how blessed we already are, reduce our humongous plans to be the wealthiest, or the prettiest, or the………………..we might just have less stress and enjoy more happiness.
Even though you may be sick of the song, what comes to mind is the “Happy” song.
If you haven’t seen the video on YouTube, you should check it out……

How about taking 4:07 sometime today and “clap along if you know what happiness is to you”.
If you do it with the right attitude you won’t be able to NOT smile!
So………..have a great week, make smiling a priority, and Keep On Seeking…………………..Mark

happy song

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