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Our Comfort in Loyalty

We all want it and expect it.
We lose our grits all over it when it’s not shared.
Jeff Bezos is credited with saying;
“Customers are loyal to you right up to the moment someone else offers them better service.”
My friend Chuck Bode has asked this question of his audiences many times;
“When is the best time to tell your wife that you love her?…….(Before someone else does).”
There is comfort AND peace in loyalty.
We give it and we clamor to receive it in return.
It you want to see loyalty portrayed in brilliant form, just watch any Star Trek episode with Kirk, Spock, and Bones.
Now there’s loyalty.
Give it.
Give it often.
Give it always.
If you’re true to it, you’ll rarely be disappointed.
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  1. Nicole Greer says:

    Love this post! Mark your quick insights help me prioritize my thinking… indeed… I must tell folks I appreciate them…

    I am going to send a text to my team and family now to tell them how much I love them. Thanks for the reminder!


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