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Playing to Win

The XXII Winter Olympic Games are over.

I have to admit that my brain is a little fried from watching more television over those 17 days than I have in a long time (at least since the last summer games).

If you focused a little on the stories behind the story, you had an opportunity to fill a book with enlightening thoughts and lessons.

Here’s one take away I have to share.

Leading the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team 2 to 0 with less than 4 minutes in the third period, our American team seemed to retreat to a defensive mindset.

They chose to protect their lead, wait it out, and celebrate the Gold.

Canada saw it differently. They chose to remove their goalie from the net, add another offensive player and attack with all their skill using maximum effort for a couple of nail biting minutes.

Canada went All In, tied the game with 55 seconds on the clock and then won in overtime. GOLD!

On the podium, the Canadians smiled and cheered while the Americans cried and hung their heads.

Amazing! I felt so sorry for our women.

The lesson is simple……………you have to play to WIN and not to NOT LOSE.

Life is like that every day for you and for me.

Keep your head in the game, focus on your priorities, go ALL IN, and play with a passion to win!

We’ll rarely be disappointed……………even if we end up with the silver.

Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking………….Mark

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