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Are You Really Listening?

I just finished reading Daniel Pink’s newest book To Sell Is Human.

You might be interested in something that I learned.

Some estimates show that listening actually occupies one-fourth of our waking hours.

For many of us, the opposite of talking isn’t listening. It’s waiting.

When others speak, we typically divide our attention between what they are saying and what we are going to say next.

Scary, but that is really true for me and maybe for you also?

The art of listening is cloaked in showing compassion, empathy, interest, understanding, and sometimes love.

Stephen Covey once said: “the only way to truly influence others is to adopt a frame of mind and heart that constantly seeks mutual benefit in all human interactions.”

And I’ve learned by sad experience that to win an argument often leads to losing a friend!

Research from Europe shows that if you want to hone your listening skills, pause several seconds before you respond. Interesting, and you heard me correctly. Pause up to 5 seconds.

Two things will happen:
1. It will force you to allow your partner to finish their whole sentence

2. You will process the question or information better and likely give a much better response

So, since you’re listening, thanks for hearing me out every week. It means a lot to me that you take the time, and I probably don’t say thanks enough!

Smiles and have a great week……………………Mark


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