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Sales Mastery

Mark Given, Sales Hero

Prior to his real estate career, Mark spent 20 years as President of a multi-state retail sales and rental company. He has a wealth of experience in leadership, management, stakeholder relations, marketing, and sales. This positions Mark to have a detailed understanding of the challenges and systems necessary to succeed with today’s knowledgeable and demanding consumer.

Invite Mark to your event. His programs are certified and time tested. You can expect a creative, passionate, and enthusiastic delivery. Mark’s programs are current and cutting edge. Custom programs are his expertise.

Mark Given Sales Mastery Offerings

  • Sales “Hero”: Creating Strategic Partnerships
  • Sales “Hero”: 9.5 Habits That Guarantee Success In Any Market
  • Sales “Hero”: Control Your Time, Reduce Your Stress
  • Sales “Hero”: The Essence of Leadership
  • Sales “Hero”: Everything I Needed to Know About Life I Learned in Boy Scouts. Everything Else I Wanted to Know, I Learned From Girl Scouts
  • Sales “Hero”: Even A Blind Squirrel Finds A Nut Once In A while
  • Sales “Hero”: Building a Company Culture That Oozes Fabled Service
  • Sales “Hero”: Please………Make Things Easy For Me! What Your Customers Really Want!