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Do you want to know the harsh truth? When companies and organizations don’t change and evolve, they often die a slow and painful death (unfortunately, it also true for people). Brutal isn’t it, but take a look around the landscape and you’ll likely have to agree with me.

I’ve spent years working with organizations and companies (and people for that matter) trying to help them improve their market share or raise their level of visibility and credibility, so I thought it was time I shared what I’ve learned in a simple and clear format. It may not always be easy to implement all of these steps, but they are critical if you want to grow.

Here is the format: A GREAT organization or company (or person or family) must have:

1. A great product or service

2. Great leadership

3. Engaged people

4. A common goal that is well defined and understood

5. Focus on








Having seen this, I bet you can name some companies, organizations, and families that mirror these ideals, and unfortunately it may be easier to name many that don’t. I’d love to hear a sample of the GREAT ones from you. Don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or give me a call and share your thoughts. I’m also hoping that your company or organization (or family) is one that you would mention as a great one. If not, it’s time to get to work!

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