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I turned on the TV Sunday just in time to catch the overtime of the NY Giants VS San Francisco 49’s NFC title game. The finish was exciting, but the interview of the Giants kicker, Lawrence Tynes, was the best part of my time spent watching.

Here is what Lawrence said: “I dreamed about kicking the winner last night, but it was from 42 yards, not the 31!”

Now we could be cynical and think that his dream was just a random coincidence. We could say that someone else likely dreamed something that had a different outcome. It was just a dream! Or was it?

I choose not to accept the coincidence theories and the fact remains that nobody else interviewed said they had a competing dream. It’s easy to accept that all of the players on both teams had a desire to win (hope) and some likely even had a prayer, but Lawrence said he saw it as if it had already happened.

The truth is that we do not actually see with our eyes, we see with our minds. When you see it first as if it were actually real then God or the Universe goes to work making it so (whichever you choose to believe). Your mind doesn’t know the difference between dreams and reality and works on making your visions happen when you focus with real intent.

The important additional key is your action steps. You can’t just wish it so. Lawrence Tynes kicked thousands of practice kicks so he was ready for his big moment.

Today, tomorrow, this month, and this year can be your dream year. It takes focus, practice, and preparation to make your dreams come true, but they can come true. The first step is to believe it “AS IF IT ALREADY EXISTS” and the miracles begin to happen

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