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Recently, as I entered a meeting that I was invited to attend, my younger brother Frankie (an attorney) stood to greet me and shook my hand while the others just said hello, flashed a kind smile, and continued to sit. It struck me that a simple kind gesture could be so profound.

I later asked my brother why he chose to stand and he said that he had been prompted to always stand for anyone that lives a life of respect. Wow! I didn’t realize that I had?

As I later thought about it, almost everyone I know lives a life of respect. Have you not heard somewhere that you should stand when a lady enters a room? She deserves our respect. We’ve all watched as we’re instructed to “All Rise” as a judge enters a courtroom. It’s a show of respect. Doesn’t all of Congress stand when the President enters, even though some may not agree with his policies? He’s earned their respect. Aren’t audiences always standing at the end of a performance to show respect for the mastery of the actors? I always do, even when the script or the musical score was mediocre (not the actors fault).

Maybe it’s time we consider embracing an example of kindness and respect to everyone. Next time you see me I’ll stand and likely shake your hand. You might also get a warm hug!

Keep On Seeking…………Mark

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