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Some Things Never Get Old

Mid December to mid January is thinking, reading, writing, new goal and priority setting, hangin’ with the kids and grandkids, celebrating the holidays, enjoying life, and a wonderfully productive time for me.
It never gets old.
I’m just like you, so I hope you have time set aside in your year that is equally as valuable.

Life’s grand revolution can be overly stressful when you have not scheduled time for re-charging.

So since I’m committed to teaching and sharing Mark Givenism across the world that help people achieve the results they want, here’s a little reminder of a principle we should set as a priority;

“You can never share enough patience, kindness, goodwill, wisdom, courtesy, respect, appreciation, happiness, love and joy with every one and any one you meet.”
These actions never get old and shalt not ever be replaced.
I hope you’re offering and accepting these important principles each and every day.
When you do, they will re-charge your attitude and your life and the feelings you’ll have will never get old!!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking………….Mark

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