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Some Wisdom from Brian Tracy

I just returned from a four day trip to Los Angeles and had the opportunity to hang out with some brilliant speakers and trainers at a James Malinchak event.
You may never have heard of James Malinchak, but James is what Malcolm Gladwell would describe as a “Connector”………and……..he has one of the most brilliant marketing minds you will ever meet.
He seems to know or have access to many of the most brilliant minds and celebrities you HAVE heard of.
Brian Tracy was just one of the folks I had the pleasure of learning from.
Here are a couple things Brian shared:
1. In today’s fast paced world, if you’re not continually learning, you’ll be left behind.
2. More success is created when your mind collides with a new idea
3. The magic bullet to success is:
a. WHAT is it you want (get really clear)
b. WHY is so important that you achieve it (if you don’t know the why, you won’t)
c. WHO will you share it with (it’s tough to achieve if you don’t have someone to share it with)
d. WHO will lose the most if you don’t achieve it (you and your family, your community, AND the world?)
Wish you had been there to learn with me. I was clearly the least of the lot:
E Brian Rose – Founder of JVZOO (hundreds of thousands of affiliates)
Julie Carrier – America’s #1 Speaker for Teen Girls and Star of MTV show “Made”
Forbes Riley – The Queen of Selling on TV and Inventor of the Spin Gym (sold 1.5 million)
Kevin Harrington – Original “Shark Tank” Shark and inventor of the Infomercial
Leeza Gibbons – Emmy Award Winning TV & Radio Host (Winner of Celebrity Apprentice)
John Assaraf – NY Time Best Selling Author and Star of the Movie “The Secret”

Learned a ton, but here’s one thing I already knew……….YOU already have something of value to offer the world. Get out there and share it!

I really do hope you’re making those priorities of yours happen?

Smiles……..have a GRAT week and Keep on Seeking!…………Mark

Brian Tracy

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