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Sometimes I Feel Depressed!

I don’t want to be depressed.
I typically don’t have any actual reasons to be depressed.
I just am.
And because I sometimes feel this way, I have a tender heart and deep empathy for all those that have been diagnosed as clinically depressed. That might be unbearable.
So, what to do?
I’ve tried following the advice of my friend and NY Times best selling author, John David Mann.
He suggested carrying around a small hand written Book of Gratitudes.
That’s a great thought.
Following his counsel, I completed a little pad in 2012 with 240 reasons to be Grateful.
It’s in my computer bag which is almost always near me, but when I’m depressed, I just can’t get myself to actually pull it out and look at it or even remember that it’s within my reach.
I often recommend the easy to read book 365 Thank Yous by John Kralik.
The book is terrific and so on point. If you haven’t read it……… should.
I’ve read it several times. Still doesn’t change how I feel when I’m depressed.
Maybe it’s just bio-rhythm?
Maybe it’s just that I’m never satisfied and have way to high of personal expectations?
Maybe I’m a Prima Donald and actually think that the Universe should revolve around my wants?
Truth……………….sometimes, I just need to whine. Gigi gets the brunt of it and my kids or grandkids will finish me off by giving me a new Grumpy t-shirt.
Like you, I recognize that I have much to be Grateful for. We’re very lucky and fortunate people.
All I really need to do is take a run or some brisk exercise, then spend some time listening to the problems my family or friends have. That makes me feel lucky and fortunate.
Off I go…………….here’s to another mile and a half of pounding some pavement!

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