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Sometimes You Meet the Darndest People

Last week while sitting on a pool deck on Bald Head Island with two of my granddaughters, an older gentleman wondered up and kidded with my girls.
We laughed and joked and joked and laughed for about 10 minutes while the kids continued in their play.
As we concluded our conversation, I offered my hand for an introduction.
Turned out for the first time in my life I met a clodhopper;
clod•hop•per – (klŏd′hŏp′ər) noun
1. A clumsy, coarse person; a bumpkin.
2. A big heavy shoe
Actually, I met THE Claude Hopper……..of the famous Hopper Family Gospel Singers.
We talked on for just a bit and I learned things I never would have known.
Some time ago, a friend told me that our world will be the same tomorrow as it is today except for 3 things;
The places you go, the books you read and the people you meet.
I would add that to grow your life and your business you would “increase your intentional collisions”.
Life is a contact sport.
Hoping you are making the most of your contacts.
Claude Hopper sure is!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking………………Mark


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