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Success Leaves Footprints

I love what I do! What a blessing!!
Nearly every week, I’m out speaking to or spending time with achievers.
Here’s a few I’ve learned from several of the folks that take a moment to share with me after my presentations.
A. To become a person that lives in the 1%, you have to:
1. Find mentors that are already doing what you aspire to be or do
2. Follow what’s working for them
3. Fit it and mold it so those same principles will work for you
B. You already know what you know – be a lifelong learner and seek things new
C. The best are the best for a reason
D. Michael Jordan said: “To be the best, you have to beat the best at their best.”
Success leaves footprints – find those prints and follow them!

footprints in the sand

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