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Last week, I had the pleasure of spending some time with a fellow speaker and good friend Laura Hamilton as she spoke to a group of behavioral health association practitioners. They are currently experiencing some consolidation in their organization and Laura was there to do a Keynote speech about change. Laura brilliantly (and humorously) shared 7 Points to Surviving Change. Here are her points and thoughts:

1. Stay Positive – “Human beings are the only entities that have a choice. Make yours positive”

2. Stay Calm – “Take a deep breath and realize that change is important and often necessary”

3. Stay Focused – “Are you going to wait for the best time to change or work with what you currently have to make it happen?”  Pay clear attention to the goal and get to work. Think about your what, when, how, and be clear on your “why”.

4. Stay Connected – “All people are motivated, they are just motivated by different things.”  Some people are over motivated and some are under motivated. Connect with the right pieces at the right time.

5. Stay compassionate – “Don’t overwork the willing!”

6. Stay in Control – “Go from a place of success to a place of significance”

7. Stay Willing to Forgive – “Be convinced that you can have an impact on the world”

She did a great job and I’m proud to call her my friend. Laura speaks about “Change” and other topics wherever she is needed. You can contact her at

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