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This week, I spent some driving time listening to a Success Magazine interview with Nido Qubein, the exceptional President of High Point University in High Point, North Carolina. Nido made several “ahha” points that resonated with me.

In a passing comment to Darren Hardy, Nido said: “All meaningful change comes from within. For the confident, change is an opportunity”.

Meaningful change may be necessary in your skills or in your employment. The need for meaningful change may appear in your health or in your relationships.

Change is difficult even when it’s not an option. Current times have forced change on so many people I personally know that it’s difficult to watch. The challenges seem overwhelming and frustration runs deep.

Nido is right though. The meaningful change we all need begins within. It begins with a personal confidence that we are capable of making great decisions, life altering decisions, acting on those decisions and then having the focus necessary to implement them patiently and effectively in our lives. God and the Universe respond to that confidence and they help us to see the opportunity.

Take some time this very week to evaluate your circumstances and then have enough personal confidence to consider making a meaningful change. You can do it. Lots of people believe in you. I’m one of them!

Begin the process and next week I’ll share Nido’s four powerful points to creating meaningful change in your business and in your life. In the meantime, stay in touch and let me know how it’s going. Have a great week!……….Mark

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