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Earlier this week, I was listening to statistics on how quickly people make a decision about whether they like us or believe they can trust us. Several years ago, Malcolm Gladwell wrote about this same topic in his book “Blink”. Other similar studies have been done by universities and psychologists. Actually, it’s pretty interesting, or at least it is to me!

Scientists who study the brain tell us that 84% of all learning is visual. Our facial expressions and body language carry significant weight.

Could it be true that on average, people make 11 decisions about us in the first 7 seconds of eye contact? That’s scary and it doesn’t even have to be Halloween.

So here in lie my questions.

1. Am I always on my A game?

2. Am I a good opener?

3. Do people decide they can trust me?

4. Do people decide that they like me?

5. Do others want to go down the same path with me?

6. Or…….do they want to escape?!

Wow…… I guess we must learn to master the first few seconds (and you already realized that this isn’t just about ME)!

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  1. OracularSpectacular says:

    That’s so interesting.

    It makes me think about how much effort I put into how I look, if that’s what I’m going to be judged on. Does this mean I have to wear make up all the time and straighten the shit out of my hair because ultimately people have made their mind up about me long before they can get to know my fascinating personality?

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