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The Law of Unneeded Criticism

Life is interesting isn’t it, and this life that we live allows everyone opportunities for growth and improvement.

It’s easy to have an opinion of how we think others should act or perform.
It’s normal to have a different perspective.
But (and there’s always a butt), keeping our opinion and perspective to ourselves until invited takes a lot of patience.
Throughout my life, I’ve tried to practice a very simple principle.
“Keep my thoughts, suggestions, and criticisms to myself unless I’m invited to share.”
Our greatest successes will come when we focus our energies towards becoming our best SELF, directing all of our energies to setting personal priorities and achieving personal mastery.
Not an easy task, but a rewarding one.

So……..thanks for when you show empathy and restraint.

Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking…..Mark

P.S. If you owe someone an apology, today’s as good as any day

bad dog - persons hand wagging finger at nine week old english bulldog puppy

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