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The Lesson of the Lawnmower

This past Saturday, I rose especially early to begin a day full of spring yard work.

It was a perfect morning with a beautiful sky, just the right temperature and a dusting of pollen reminding us that all is new again.

About 9am, my 9 year old grandson Lee came from his home next door to ask if he could help (what a terrific kid).

For a moment, I pondered what would be an appropriate responsibility. And then……….the leadership brain kicked in.

I excused myself for a couple of minutes and asked his mother if she would allow him to drive the lawn tractor?

So off we go…………..

At first, I walked behind Lee holding on to the back of the mower seat just in case he needed a quicker hand. My mower has an automatic clutch so braking or slowing is an easy task without utilizing the brake pedal.

After four or five passes around our large side yard, I let go and just watched as he determined his own path (within emergency distance of course).

I have to admit that he drove a lot like he had been sipping (more like chugging) from the cider jug.

Lee was all over the yard. No summitry, no consistency, just enjoying the ride.

It took him a while, but the job was done. Not exactly with the efficiency I would have completed the work, but done none the less, finished. Nice job!

The principle…………….focused leaders always seek opportunities to train others and replace themselves.

It may be hard to let go, and you may likely be able to complete the task faster or with more skill, but you and I also had to learn through doing.

Great leaders teach, not tell.

I’m striving to be one of those leaders. I’m hoping you are making it a priority in your life as well?

Smiles, have a great week, and Keep on Seeking………………Mark lee 2 - mower April 2014

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