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I’ve been looking through my stack of little note pads searching for just the right message to share on this particular Wednesday. Tough week indeed!

I’m grateful though that even though each weekly message doesn’t work for everyone, they somehow seem to reach someone that needs that particular thought or that special quote, and it really rings true to them at that moment. Maybe today it’s your turn. Here goes…………

How many mistakes have you made today? How about this week, this month, or during your whole life? If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not trying hard enough, and you aren’t learning all that you can learn. You may also find it difficult to see people you care about making mistakes and suffering through their recovery.

Boyd K Packer was once quoted as saying “I’ve often said that I wish my next mistake was my first one, and my last mistake was my worst one” and you can probably see where he is coming from.

It’s tough to make mistakes, and it’s even tougher to have to face the consequences of our errors, but without those bumps and trials we’d likely not recognize the beauty this big old world has to offer.

So reach out and help someone that is struggling a little. As we serve, stretch, and give, we become even more generous, and our personal challenges become a little easier to bear. “Trees bend low with ripened fruit.” We should too


  1. Dougss says:

    Mark, I have made so many mistakes I can’t begin to count them. This both in personal and my professional life. The hardest part about making mistakes for humans is that we have a memory that never forgets. We blame ourselves and others long after the initial act had occurred. I’m still learning and trying to make the best out of life. sure glad you are a part of it.

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