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The Priority Project (not a sales pitch!)

I mentioned in my last post that Don Greeson and I completed another book in the “Finding My Why” series.
The Priority Project’s Six FACETS of Achievement workbook is about realizing your potential. It’s about personal achievement and what really creates success in our lives.
Imagine a cube, with each of its six sides making up an equally important part of its structure. No one side is more important than the other.
Each of the FACETS represents one side of our cube.
The six facets are: Focus, Acceptance, Commitment, Empathy, Tenacity, and Spirituality.
In the Focus Facet, each of the corners is equally represented by the 4 A’s of Achievement: Attitude, Awareness, Affirmation, and Action.
Every moment of every day takes us into the future, yet our knowledge and experience is always from the past. Despite that, our future doesn’t have to mimic our past.
1. Set the tone for the day by beginning with a positive mental Attitude. Why not take a moment and allow yourself to feel good about your successes. And remember that good habits are as hard to break as bad habits.
2. Stay Aware of the big picture. With change comes opportunity and we live in a world of constant change. In Ernie’s Journey, we called it always having your antennas up.
3. You already use Affirmations. Every time you say the Pledge of Allegiance, whisper a prayer, or say I love you, you are affirming your commitment to a set of beliefs. The power of suggestion changes many things. That’s why writing your thoughts, impressions, and goals are so powerful.
4. It may be hard to accept at first, but your level of success is a choice. Don’t limit yourself by thinking small. The realization of dreams rarely takes place overnight. Lasting success is a marathon not a sprint. Mahatma Ghandi once said: “Action expresses priorities”.
So there you go. That’s a very brief description of the FOCUS facet. In our presentations, we have worksheets to apply these important principles. I’ll likely be sharing some of the worksheets with you in future Mark’s Minutes.
Sorry I took more than a minute of your time today. I hope you’ll tune in next week for the Acceptance FACET.
In the meantime…………Smiles and Keep on Seeking………….Mark

the priority project

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