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The Science of Tree Rings and You

Gigi and I were driving from California to Utah this past Monday so I could teach in both states (we are likely in Utah as you read this post).

The trip is both exciting and exhausting.

While driving north on Interstate 15, we passed a truck carrying several freshly cut tree trunks.

Interesting rings, I said out loud to myself (Gigi was asleep).

A simple thought came to mind that our lives are much like those tree rings.

We grow gently during many calm years, then storm, or drought, or fire, or disaster push us to a breaking point. We bend but do not break.

The stress shows in our rings but we grow on, and usually much stronger from the experience.

If we’re smart, we learn to share those experiences with others we care about. Not complaining, but mentoring. We give, so others can avoid the same challenges.

Just like you, those big beautiful trees stand tall to shield and protect the delicate saplings.

Although I’m not always grateful for my challenges, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve others. It’s my PRIORITY! I’m confident that at times, it is yours also.

Smiles and have a great week…………………….Mark

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  1. Carol Y. Hayashi says:

    Omg!!! Perfect timing, true and just what I needed! This weekend we had a Boy Scout camp and there were tree trunks just like these that the boys used for cutting boards. Weighed a ton. Such an inspiring story. Thank you Mark!!!

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