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In The Little Big Things – 163 Ways to Pursue Excellence, Tom Peters shares what he has learned and taught around the world the last 20 years. In his book, Tom’s 21st through 26th way is devoted to self development. I’ve taken a little (latitude) to add my thoughts, but here’s how seeking excellence and implementing it into our business improves those we serve:

Optimism begets optimism

Energy begets energy

Honesty begets honesty

Listening begets listening (understanding)

Caring begets caring

Love begets love

Wow begets wow!

I’ve been seeking mastery for nearly 56 years and co-wrote two books with Don Greeson related to these same principles. Tom is right, and most success is created through a multiple series of simplistic acts. The extra bonus is that we really can improve lives and leave the world a little better place.

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