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What makes a great company? I’ve been thinking and reading a lot about that lately and have concluded that you can expect the same winning qualities from the few companies that get it regardless of their size. You’ll find it in their culture and in their DNA. In fact, the secrets are really simple to understand but complex to create and maintain.

The five winning secrets are:

1. A great product – whether a commodity or a service

2. Great leadership – don’t just tell me, show me, then listen to me, and care about me

3. Great people – people are either motivated or they are not

4. A common goal – a well stated vision or mission

5. Undistracted focus on:







And, it all starts with the “Why”! If the company doesn’t understand it, how will you?

Don Greeson and I wrote a book about just that. “Finding My Why, Ernie’s Journey…….a Tale for Seekers” is available through Amazon in print version or on Kindle if that works better for you. Our second book “Glori’s Story” should be out before the end of the year.  I hope you’ll consider making “Ernie” one of your summer reads.

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