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The Tip of the Spear

I’ve experienced problem after problem the past couple of weeks.
Not big big problems…….just the irritating kind.
My problem has been with everyday service providers.
You’ve experienced it at times also…….your phone, your cable, your internet, for me… airline.
And……..“what” you’re being told is not “what” is delivered.
It’s…….sooooooo……….frustrating and such a waste of time!
But then, if you hang in there, don’t cuss or fuss, magic happens.
You kill the problem with honey, not vinegar and you get to the tip of the spear…….the person that can solve your problem.
The Tip
For me, everything is working again.
Best yet, better than before. What a blessing!
I hope you’re the tip of the spear for someone today.
I’d wager there are folks already waiting just for you!
Smiles, have a GREAT week and Keep on Seeking……..Mark

tip of the spear

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