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The Wind That Bends Us

A few weeks ago on a sunny Winnie the Pooh blustery day, I witnessed an interesting life lesson while looking out a window with my oldest son Blaine.
I commented that what we were seeing was much like the life of every person we will ever know.
Blaine added that success in life comes from three simplistic, but not simple tenets.
He said: “Dad, we will only succeed if we can stay focused on correct mental, physical, and spiritual principles”.
Right on!
That one little tree, if not re-anchored, will grow bent, crooked and adversely weathered.
The other will more than likely grow straight and tall and strong and secure.
We choose our own path, yet we all still need the strength of anchors to help secure us from the damage of adverse winds.
Choose wisely and those Winnie the Pooh days might bend you, but you won’t break.



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