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I read this week in the book “59 Seconds – Think a Little Change a Lot” that the simple act of listing three things that you are grateful for in life or three events that have gone especially well over the past week can significantly increase your level of happiness for about a month.

Naturally, I started writing lists to test the theory, and since its thanksgiving, I thought I’d share one of my lists……..I’m thankful for;

1. You – according to the U. S. Census Bureau, there are 6,976,569,247 people in the world today. The cool part is that I got to meet you sometime in my life. I think that’s pretty cool!

2. Each week I get to travel, strive to find ways to enrich lives, and live my “why”. I’m very lucky!

3. Every Wednesday, I take the time to share one of my thoughts, you’re kind enough to read it, and when it rings true, you pass it along. Thanks a million!

I think I’ve increased my level of happiness. Let’s see if it lasts a month…….Happy Thanksgiving and have a terrific week…………….Mark

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