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Time Managed and Super Success

As I travel and teach across the world, I like to begin programs by asking a compelling question. This past week, I asked “Your business would likely improve in the next 12 months if you learned __________”?

The answer most often given was………….better time management.

You may feel the same.

Harvard Business Review recently posted a short article on “5 Things Super Successful People do before 8am”.

I’m thinking you might like to know what Harvard shared.

The 5 things are:

1. Exercise

2. Visualization

3. Map out the day

4. Eat a healthy breakfast

5. Do the least desirable thing first

Interesting isn’t it and you can see that super success isn’t always defined as making money, but rather about balance and focus.

If you are already on track, you are obviously super successful. If you’re not………tomorrow morning would be a great day to begin.

You should at least consider making it a Priority in 2014!

Smiles, have a great week, and keep on seeking………Mark

P.S. I can use your help adding speaking and teaching dates to my 2014 and 2015 schedule. If you know of any organization or company that is looking for a passionate speaker on Sales Mastery, Motivation, or Real Estate Mastery, please pass my name along. I promise to deliver relevant and valuable material, help them laugh, and teach them some cool immediately usable stuff! And, please let me know who you recommended me too so I can thank you personally………………….

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