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I have spent a lot of days this year speaking to companies and associations on “The 9 Habits That Guarantee Success in Any Market”. The message is so important and relevant to everyone in a sales career that at times I’ve volunteered my time to make sure anyone “seeking” has the opportunity to hear it.

The silver bullet is that if you are not choosing to take positive action towards change or success than the negative events in your life are going to decide the outcome for you. You actually have more control over your circumstances than you might believe.

I’m an avid reader and last week I came across a small but powerful book entitled “The Shark and The Goldfish” written by Jon Gordon. I recommend you read it. Jon has written several outstanding books and speaks, encourages, and uplifts audiences internationally.

A portion of his message in this book is:

•          You can’t control events or the actions of others, but you can influence your situation      and your outcome by positive thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

•          To thrive, you must embrace and ride the waves of change.

•          Daily think, “What can I learn from this experience”?

•          How can I grow wiser, stronger, and better?

•          What opportunities does this present?

•          What do I really want?

•          What positive actions do I need to take now?

Now is the best time to take control of your business, your circumstances, and your life. A couple of weeks ago, I encouraged a friend by sharing “expect a Miracle and you will likely get it”. He did and it was! I am so proud of him and grateful to have witnessed his miracle. You deserve one too!

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