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Do you get Success magazine? Darren Hardy and his team understand the principal of the “Wow” factor by giving each subscriber an audio CD packaged in every monthly issue. On the CD are two or three interviews with outstanding thought leaders. I listen every month.

Yesterday, I was listening to Darren’s interview with Guy Kawasaki and was struck by one classic original thought. “Trustworthy people are bakers, not eaters!” Here’s what I believe Guy means;

In order to be trusted, you first must become trustworthy. If you want to receive, you must first be willing to give. The gift in baking a great pie is that you can share it with someone else that will enjoy it. Then you just bake another and continue the process. You bake, they eat. It’s no fun and unproductive to just eat it yourself.

Eventually others will trust your baking skills to the degree that they tell others and encourage them to try your pie. Today we call it going viral. You bake more, they eat more, you succeed more, and the cycle continues as long as you continue baking great pies.

I have a short list of people that I trust because they have proven themselves trustworthy. They bake, I gladly eat. And…….I tell others. To become more successful in business and in life just improve your baking skills………….

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