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I had the pleasure of spending some time this week with company owners, managers, and leaders at the Myrtle Beach REALTOR® Rally. In one of my sessions, we talked about sample companies that are Top of Mind delivering a positive brand or company culture. They suggested Apple, Southwest Airlines, Ritz Carlton, and Disney. I agree.

Disney Institute defines a company culture as: “The system of values and beliefs an organization has that drives actions and behaviors and influences relationships.”

The big question will always be how culture relates to you, your brand, and the relationships you build. Said another way, when someone thinks of you or your company, what comes to their mind? What message are you sending?

In today’s business client, you have three choices……be better, be different, or be cheaper. Which one or combination of choices will help you survive the next 3 years? You begin by understanding the message you want to send. That message is delivered through the way you look, act, react, serve, and deliver your services. People are always watching and listening and they share the message you send with others.

Larry Light, with the McDonald’s Corporation put it this way. “We use products, we buy brands, but we live experiences.”

Make sure your customer experience sends the message that meets your vision!

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