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What were you doing in 1974 (reflective thought)? Are you smiling?

Now…..if you didn’t yet physically exist or can’t remember, please just hang with me and keep on reading for a moment.

In 1974, I graduated from Mt. Vernon Senior High School, became a freshman at The Ohio State University, and was fixed and focused on my plans to become a Navy jet pilot. I was proud to be from Ohio and then life changed.

A couple of years ago, I stopped talking about being from Ohio. It seemed that there were just too many serial killers that either lived there or used Ohio as a laboratory and The Ohio State football program had become an embarrassment I really didn’t want to talk about. Monday, it all changed.

Enter Urban Meyer.

I paused in my day to watch the telecast of Urban’s acceptance to become the new Ohio State football coach. The best part is what ESPN seemed to overlook. Sure Urban said he would work hard to rebuild a winning program. Of course he said that his health was better and he was glad he had taken a year off to love on his family and regain some balance in his life.

So, what was the best part of the interview?

When asked how he would select his assistant coaches, Urban said “I will seek out the best, and I will hire people that coach like their Hair is on Fire!” Man…… cool is that?

What would the world be like if we all understood our “why” so deeply that we would live and work like our “hair was on fire”. I don’t have a lot of hair anymore, but each day could be better and more productive if I always worked with that kind of passion and commitment.

I’d like to think of myself as a motivator and maybe even a coach to some. I hope I am sometimes for you, but that Urban Meyer is a Master. Coach……….put me in………I’m on FIRE!!

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