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leigh brown

Monday, I was sitting in a board of directors meeting as we discussed how to provide excellent member services that would help our members increase their business, improve their lives, and move their clients towards success, when someone said in passing, “information is free, but knowledge comes at a cost”.

Leigh Brown, from Concord, NC, in her flash of brilliance, may not have realized the power in her statement.

How many times do we come across valuable and relevant information then take no action to implement it? How often do we have a great idea and miss creating a step that makes something wonderful happen?

Several of my friends in a cadre of international instructors have been heard repeating a quote by the philosopher, Herbert Spencer. Herbert said, “The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” Now, substitute information in place of education and you get my point.

I’m reminded of this value almost every single day.

When you come across information that could change your world, pause long enough to decide exactly, when, where, and how you will put it into action (and don’t forget the “why”). You’ll be glad you did, and the world may likely benefit also……………smiles and have a great week………………Mark


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  1. Mark, as always, you are right on target! Thank you for inspiring my day.
    Linda H

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