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I hope you don’t mind me sharing that this week has been special. Gigi and I have been spending quality time with all but one of our children, two of our daughters in law, and all the grandchildren at our 30th annual Disney trip.

We cherish these events and the memories they create, and with the tragic events that took place last week in Connecticut, it means even more. We recognize just how very blessed we are and pray for all those families and for their community.

On Monday night, I watched a little NFL football with our fourth son Taylor and was astounded at how brutal the analysts pounded on the NY Jets. Now I realize that sports specialists get paid for voicing their opinions, but in life, many people are similarly quick to offer their unsolicited critique. Often, it is both unwarranted and inappropriate.

If you and I would spend the majority of our time focused on mastery in our own world, we’d surely have less time to worry about how poorly others perform. And the truth is……I have a lot of room for improvement.

The goal whispers to concentrate more on my own success and less on the inefficiencies or failures of others.

But, if this philosophy stings you a little too, I invite you to join me and focus on change and mastery!……….have a great week……………..Mark


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