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william shakespeare You’ve likely heard the phrase, “all’s well that ends well”? It is often credited as originating from a 1605 William Shakespeare play of the same name, but a little research shows that it more likely came from a John Heywood poem written in 1546.

Yesterday, as I was traveling home from a full day of teaching, I listened to several hours of automobile university (I’ll miss Zig and am glad I was able to see him live).

One recording was with a successful company owner. The interview was on why his salespeople had such a stellar year when other companies and sales people are struggling to compete.

The answers were simplistic, but not simple………focus, consistent productive activities, and regular contact with key clients (that’s now called “flow”).

If the owner’s information was accurate, then we must consider a new phrase; “All’s well that starts well”……………..

Ask yourself these questions:

1. Do I have successful systems in place to begin each day?

2. How do I begin and organize my week?

3. Am I considering making some changes in order to have a terrific 2013?

4. What are my plans to create a productive life?

4.5 Do I have the right people in place to help me succeed?

I stress a lot about focus, and I’ll keep doing just that. Likely, we all should because often, the start is significant in creating a positive end…………..smiles and have a great week……………Mark

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