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Donn Bullock

Happy New Year! Hoping you have had many wonderful holiday distractions and are ready to get back on the horse. It’s exciting to begin a new chapter, isn’t it?

For a month, I’ve been pondering how to begin 2013 with an appropriate minute, and as always it came to me in an unexpected time and place. I knew immediately that I had to pause and write it down.

My good friend, Donn Bullock, a brilliant young systems and technology guru shared with me his thoughts on goal setting and achievement while teaching an important lesson on Sunday. Donn said: “You have to reach for the impossible to make the possible happen.”

Think about his statement. It is true. There are a multitude of examples of leaders that have set what appeared to be impossible goals that have now become possible because of focus, intent, innovation, and effort. John F Kennedy, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Tony Hsieh, come to mind and the list goes on and on.

I hope you’ll plan some scheduled time this week to set impossible goals. Write them down in a prominent place. If you’re visual, create it in pictures. If you’re auditory, record it on a digital recorder and listen to your impossible goal regularly. Draft a success workbook. Write some affirmations and schedule time to create. You already know it works. Do it. Begin today.

You can have the best year yet regardless of all the obstacles you think are in your path. I know you can do it. Keep a journal and let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear your successes. Have a great week……………smiles…………..Mark


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